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Affiliate Program Signup

The program is designed to incentivize content creation for our top influencers, bloggers & promoters. It’s pretty simple; you have already done a great job of wearing, photographing, writing about and promoting our shoes and accessories, now we want you to cash in on your efforts.

Our affiliate program allows you to collect a commission on sales placed through your personalized affiliate link. All you need to do is place your unique link on your site, blog, page, or video and when a customer makes a purchase, you get a portion of the sale! Please note that it is your responsibility to acquire A.Soliani products for content creation and to advertise your personalized link/code on your preferred platform.

Program Highlights

Affiliates will be paid a percentage of all sales generated using their personalized link, not including monies charged for taxes and shipping.

  • Select Top Content Affiliates will be paid up to 7% commission of link-generated sales.
  • Coupon Site Affiliates will be paid 2% commission of link-generated sales. The payout schedule is paid monthly

Our cookie tracking length is set to 30 days We appreciate what you have already done to spread the word about A.Soliani and hope you will join us in furthering our relationship through this new affiliate program.


The A.Soliani Team


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